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Founded and rooted in northern Sweden

Our team is composed to support both agile startups and established B2B giants for success with acquiring lasting customer relations. Our customers usually describe us as partners rather than suppliers.

See us as an extended part of your team dedicated to nurturing and managing your lead-flow every step of the way, ensuring it blooms. 

CEO / Founder

Felix Berglund

Account Executive

Edwin Boström

Account Executive

Joseph Rönnmark

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Johannes Nordlund

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Service Name

Meet the team

Get The Leads and
Pipeline you Deserve

Improve the number and quality of opportunities and won deals by getting leads that matter.

With our unique AI-driven lookalike company search we ensure fresh, relevant and intelligent data for our partners.

Stop stabbing in the dark and let Bloomsflow introduce your company and product/service to companies that you want to get in touch with. 

We Help Companies

Grow more Efficiently




Demo Booking Rates

Lead Conversion

Lead Exclusivity

As we handle a lot of data, we are very conscious of our legal responsibilities when handling data. Our processing of personal data is based on “legitimate interest" and only relates to an individual’s professional life and only process that which is publicly available.

GDPR compliant data


See what's possible - Get in touch 

How long does it take to see results?
Our track record speaks for itself - every single company that has partnered with us has secured at least one client meeting per person within the first day or two. Yes, you read that right. With our expertise and innovative strategies we can guarantee results for your business too.

What languages do you work with?
Both Swedish and English copywriters work with us. Swedish and English are by far the most common languages that our clients request. We can also offer translations into Norwegian, Finnish, and German. 

Is the data GDPR-compatible?
Yes. We make sure all the data is GDPR compatible. 

What types of companies do you work with?
B2B companies. We work across all industries worldwide.

What channels do you work with?
We run outbound campaigns via Email and offer to combine the email campaigns with Linkedin. 

How does billing work?
We work off a pre-pay and require upfront monthly payments.


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